Process Optimization and Quality Management

Modellig, Simulation, Optimization of Processes
Simulation based planning system with automated model creation

Modern technologies of electronics packaging are able to maintain their position on the market only if the related manufacturing processes are mastered as a whole. The focus of this field of activity is on scheduling and control of discrete manufacturing systems of electronics production and their impact on the quality and the costs of respective products. In addition to analytic models we primarily use simulation methods in connection with heuristic optimisation algorithms. The collected knowledge, the methods and the tools are suitable for similar discrete manufacturing processes as well as for general logistic systems.

The scientific activities primarily focus on the further development of the simulation method as an effective instrument for planning and controlling of manufacturing processes which will become increasingly attractive also for small and medium sized enterprises. In addition to the pure electronics production new fields of application of manufacturing and logistic systems are developed as well. New heuristic optimisation algorithms in connection with latest elements of multi agent and grid technology will make the simulation-based systems more perfect. The goal is to offer practicable online applications for hard to solve problems. Advanced descriptions of simulation objects make the mapping of interactions of time, cost and quality characteristics in a common simulation model easier.

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Quality Management
Goals of the quality assurance in a SMT Production line

There are increasing quality demands on electronics packaging especially from the automotive industry. One main goal is a persistent and successful implementation of the quality strategy “Six sigma”. The field of activity quality assurance is particularly addressed to the realisation of the DMAIC - method (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) for the production of electronics focused on electronics packaging. This includes especially the practical usage of SPC (Statistical Process Control), MCA/PCA (Machine and Process capability analysis) and the Design of Experiments (DoE). All these methods are adapted to the specific characteristics of production processes in electronics. The numerical statistical analysis of reliability data is an additional topic.

The permanently miniaturization, the moving towards nanoelectronics and the increasing usage of three dimensional structures demands also new dimensions for the quality assurance. The proportion between the signal usable for the quality assurance and the always existing noise level will be decreased by these tendencies. That makes it necessary to develop new evaluation methods and furthermore the ongoing adaptation and specialisation of existing methods for this quantitative and qualitative new demands.

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