Werner-Hartmann-Center for Technologies of Electronics

"Werner-Hartmann-Zentrum" (WHZ) for technologies of electronics is a competence center of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Technische Universität Dresden.

WHZ is a platform where technologically oriented professorships bring in their equipment and based on this...

  • enhance the availability of single processes and complete technological paths for internal aas well as external use in projects and for scientific services.
  • acquire new research and cooperation partners by the comprehensive presentation of technological options.
  • use synergy effects in operating the technological equipment.
  • standardize processes and cost structures in providing services.
  • ensure the durable operativeness of the equipment.
  • coordinate strategical decisions about supplementing the equipment pool.
  • offer external interested parties a common interface for using the equipment.

The core of WHZ is a high-tech building of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering which is in use since Octobre 2013, the so called Werner-Hartmann-Building. Currently seven professorships of four different institutes do have excellent infrastructure conditions for students education and research