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  • Working fields

    IAVT and ZmP represent a broad range in their scientific work. The activities are related to several aspects of system integration, both on technology and on process side. The main object is the electronic module in its recent and future diversity.

  • Research projects

    IAVT and ZmP together acquire a third party research budget of some 1.5 Mio. EUR per year. This budget is nearly balanced between German federal funding, Saxonian funding and bilateral projects with industry.

  • Lab building

    The technological and diagnostics equipment of IAVT and ZmP is located in a new lab building with state-of-the-art infrastructure. In "Werner-Hartmann-Bau", which is named after the founder of microelectronics in Saxony, an excellent basis for sceintific education and high level research work is available.

IAVT and ZmP

Welcome on the website of the Institute of Electronic Packaging Technology (German abbreviation IAVT) and the Centre for Microtechnical Manufacturing (German abbreviation ZmP).
You can find here information about IAVT/ZmP, about our staff, about our activities in students education  and in vocational education.
In addition you can find a lot of material about recent research projects, our equipment and scientific services we offer to support you.
IAVT and ZmP are well connected to the national an international research community, to associations and to industry. In the "Network" area you can find examples for that.
Last but not least, you can get an overview about our publications.

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