Research profile of IAVT and ZmP

The Institute of Electronic Packaging Technology (IAVT) and the Centre for Microtechnical Manufacturing (ZmP) together represent one of the largest university research institutions in the field of electronic packaging in Germany.
Our unique selling point is the comprehensive consideration of Electronic Packaging as a unified whole of procedure and process technologies. That is also illustrated by the working fields IAVT/ZmP are active in.
Those fields cover a wide range from bio-compatible packaging, different substrate technologies (organic substrates, thick film and LTCC substrates), micro assembling technologies, surface mount technology, conductive and non-conductive adhesives, optical interconnects, 3D integration, process development and reliability investigations on to destructive and non-destructive testing in electronics production. Topics like quality management and process simulation and optimization complete this.

Electronics packaging influences decisively the functional properties, the reliability and the costs of the whole electronic system. The drivers of this progression are the trends in system integration:

  • Reduction of dimensions and volumes
  • Increasing the number of functions and the switching frequencies
  • Reduction of costs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliability

Object of the research work is the comparison, analysis and selection of suitable technologies and materials to ensure reliable packaging as well as the development, diagnostic and reliability evaluation of new packaging technologies.