Advisory Board for Electronic Packaging

The originally on February 2nd 2005 founded Advisory Board of IAVT/ZmP at its meeting on March 26th 2015 decided to open the own field of activities to other professorships active in the field of electronic packaging as well. Therefor the name of the board has been changed to "Advisory Board for Electronic Packaging" and the members staff will be adapted to the new challenges.

The following objectives have been set:

  • The Advisory Board supports the application oriented basic research in recent and future working fields of electronic packaging and assist the technology and know-how transfer to the industry.
  • The Advisory Board counsels concerning thematic orientation and by defining research and development emphases.
  • The Advisory Board supervises the students' education the respective professorships are responsible for. The Board articulates industrial requierements on university alumni and thus gives hints how to improve the relevancy to practice of the curriculum.
  • The Advisory Board supports research, development and continuing education activities and the canvass of political, institional and private sponsorship.

Board Members

  • Mr. Prof. U. Bechtloff
  • Mr. Prof. K. Bock
    TU Dresden, IAVT, Dresden
  • Mr. Dr. M. Bork
    Cicor RHe Microsystems GmbH, Radeberg
  • Mr. Prof. G. Gerlach
    TU Dresden, IFE, Dresden
  • Mr. Dr. M. Heinze
    InfraTec GmbH, Dresden
  • Mr. Dr. F. Kriebel (Board Representative)
    SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY Dresden GmbH, Dresden
  • Mr. J. Ludewig
    viimagic GmbH, Dresden
  • Mr. L. Mattheier
    First Sensor Microelectronic Packaging Dresden GmbH, Dresden
  • Mr. Prof. A. Richter
    TU Dresden, IHM
  • Mr. U. Wagner (Second Board Representative)
    DELTEC electronic GmbH, Dresden
  • Mr. G. Woldt
    viimagic GmbH, Dresden
  • Mr. Prof. K.-J. Wolter
    TU Dresden, IAVT
  • Mr. Prof. T. Zerna
    TU Dresden, ZmP, Dresden
    (Status: 14.10.2019)