Bio compatible Electronic Packaging

The Biocompatible Packaging Group stands for system integration for biosensors, design of fluidic systems and the development of active biomedical products and packages. Those fields of activity comprise the design of active and passive components and devices and the development and fabrication of biocompatible packaging.

The group in particular focuses on interactions between the active or passive devices and the biological environment depending on the place and time of future application. It especially aims for long-term stabilization and functionalization of the packages within the given tolerances so the biological matter will not be harmed. For in-vitro experiments, biological environments are simulated and materials and devices are tested within setups according the standards such as DIN EN ISO 10993-1 for the biological evaluation of medical devices. The results of experiments give information about the suitability of materials and stabilization of the tested packages for further modelling of fields of biomedical application.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult.
Karlheinz Bock
(0351) 463 36345